Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Female and Sex

A lot of Nigerian women shy away from openly discussing masturbation, so I am led to believe they don?t (masturbate). Which would explain why they do not experience orgasms.

I have a 30 years old friend who is married with children and has never had an orgasm, I think that is absolutely ridiculous!

In order for a man to love you, you must love yourself, get to know your body, know what it takes to get you there. Only when you are fully aware of your spots can you direct a man to please you. Some men don?t need directions, they watch your reaction to certain touches and some just go with the universally effective techniques; kissing on your neck, nibbling your ear, clawing your back etc?but those are for mediocre lovers! It takes a bit more to be an unforgettable lover!

You know, it is not the actual act performed on a guy that excites him, a man is most excited about your reaction to his actions! So if you can teach him to touch you where you like to be touched, you can both have a more fulfilling sex life. In order for you to achieve this however, you?ve got to get to know you! A lot of women use dildos and other sexual toys to discover themselves, which I think is a great idea if you plan to be alone forever! The reality of it is that these toys are only a quick fix, the movements are at ridiculous pace that no human being is able to achieve and once your body is tuned to this pace, responding to a real man will be tough.

Bottom line....get to know YOU in an intimate don't have to tell anyone...just do it for you.

My thing is if all these women are out there and are not having orgasms during sex?Why the hell are they doing it?