Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Obama? (Scratching my head and thinking loud)

Why Obama?

Why Obama was the question that I asked this Obama T-shirt wearing buffoon at the airport over the weekend. As expected, he replied “Because he is black”. Could someone shoot me now! So I don’t have to slap him into reality. “Because he is black!” Is that sufficient enough to vote into office someone that has the power with a stroke of pen to wipe out the whole Nigeria economy? Or make an executive order that can make life miserable for all foreigners in this country?

Are we Obama crazy because he is black or because of the policy he is proposing? Will we be crazy about him if he is not black? When we as a race will stop making judgment or decision because of the skin color? Behind all of his shouting and moving speeches, is he making sense? What are his policies regarding us foreigners? Are we been taking for a ride as always?
Unfortunately, we don’t have so much to choose from, as a friend of mine once said, a know devil is better than new devil? But what do we know about both of them, McCain and Obama? Are the media shoving Obama into our face as the anointed because he makes a good read and story line because of his skin color?

He (Obama) decided to go on a foreign country tour to acclimate himself with foreign affairs in order for him to dismiss the notion that he is not seasoned in foreign policy. Out of about 10 countries he visited, not a single African country was on the list. I guess we are not that important.

The least he could do is to stop and refuel his plane in Nigeria and say hello to the country that is supplying his country with over one third of their oil or Kenya and say hello to his grandmother. If he so ashamed of the reality that he is black, at least he could stop at South Africa, I heard that some white people are still there. Oops, the president of South Africa is black so that is a no! no!!. He can't afford to let the white media labeled him as been too black or too African. Who knows, Jesse Jackson maybe right about what he said regarding Obama. Only time will tell.

Until there is another alternative, am keeping Obama 08 poster in my front lawn and keeping my mouth shut to prevent a beat down by “Obama cool-aid drinker fans”. If you can’t beat them, join them. It is sad that I will be voting for someone because of his skin color rather than his policy. Martin Luther King will be turning in his grave now.

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