Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monkey see monkey do!

This must be the funniest and awkward moment in my career. I had seen it all but this one took the cake. There is this culture amongst some female friends to stuff the bra of their friends with money on the dance floor. It is common amongst the older generations than the younger one.
At this particular event, the aunties of the aunties were all on the dance floor grooving to this very good band. These were the original owanmbe ladies. As the night progress, one of the lady started dancing and all of her friends surrounded her. They were spraying her and stuffing her bra with money. Nothing new! From nowhere, this African American fellow, presumable a guest of the lady dancing approached the dance floor and started stuffing the bra of the lady with dollar bills as if he was at a strip joint. All of suddenly everyone where staring at him and you can read from the lady’s face “what the heck are u doing?” To him, he felt that he was also celebrating the culture not knowing that he was about to get a beat down of his life by the lady’s husband. Just too funny!

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