Sunday, June 29, 2008

Only if I have a minute……

Trying to let go of these memories of sorrows
which are trapped inside of me,
where I feel alone, no one sees me crying.
I close my eyes and I see my departed friends and relatives
Friends that I forgot to tell how I feel about them
I see my relatives that because of my busy schedule I forgot to call.
All I have now are the tears of regrets. Tears of “what if?”
True I cannot stop them from dying, but I could had done my part when they were alive
All I have are faint memories of lost friends.
I wish I took the time to answer my calls instead of working on Xprexxion Mag.
I wish I took that picture of them instead of the Omoges and Fashion ladies
I wish I had spent more time listening to them instead of watching Law & Order

They don’t want my money; they just want to hear my voice, my smile and my silly jokes
Now that they are gone, I wish I can hear their voice, see their smile or listen to their silly jokes. Even for a minute. So I can have something to hold on to…

Alone, I am crying as if the tears can bring them back.
To my friends that are still alive, I love you!
To those that I offended in anyway, am sorry
To those that I had broken a promise or two, please give me another chance To those that gave up calling me, please try one more time
To those that I had broke their hearts - am sorry, I was young then
I may never get to say I love you, but I do.
Next time I see you, please let me take your picture, who knows that maybe the last time we will see each other.

I wish I can stop the tears and the regrets,
I wish I have one more second to tell them how I feel…….. I wish, but I can't.

Just one minute to hold on too and smile. A minute can be a life time of memory.

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